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  • aeroplane

    Earn up to €2 million

    Get up 20 friends to play with Switch Poker and earn up to 5% of the revenue generated by over 1 million people ... forever!

How does it work?

  1. Sign up, form your own Plane and become a Pilot.
  2. Get up to 20 friends to become your Passengers and play with Switch Poker, and you will earn 5% on the rake they generate FOREVER.
  3. Each of your Passengers will then be able to form his own Plane, become a Pilot himself and invite up to 20 of his friends to join in.
  4. You'll earn up to 5% on the rake generate by each of the Passengers of your Passengers' Planes, FOREVER.
  5. Again, each of the passengers of your Passengers Plane will be able to form their own Plane, become a Pilot and invite up to 20 of their friends to join in.
  6. Again you’ll earn up to 5% of the rake generate by each of the Passengers of the Passengers' Planes of your Passengers, FOREVER...
  7. ... and so on for 6 level of passengers ... Which in total gives you a cut of rake generated by up to 1 million passengers FOREVER

And more:
  1. You will receive a free €5 every time a user you refer makes their first deposit. That's €5 for you for every depositing player that you refer! Both you and your referred passenger must have verified mobile phone numbers before the deposit to receive the free €5.
  2. All passengers get a free €5 for themselves also when they register. They don't need to deposit!

Invite friends

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Level Earnings from rake Max passengers
Level 1: 5% of rake up 20 passengers
Level 2: 5% of rake up 400 passengers
Level 3: 2% of rake up 8000 passengers
Level 4: 2% of rake up 160000 passengers
Level 5: 1% of rake over 1 million passengers
Level 6: 1% of rake over 1 million passengers

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