Switch Poker is not accepting new deposits. If you wish to place a withdrawal please do so via cashier page.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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What games can I play here?

Switch Poker currently offers no-limit hold'em ring games with 6 seats and 2 seats.
We intend to release new games in the following order:

  • 9 seater ring games
  • Sit & Go / Single Table Tournaments
  • Multi Table Tournaments
  • Fixed-Limit Holdem
  • Pot-Limit Omaha and others

I live in the USA. Can I play real money games?

No. We do not currently allow US based players to partake in real money games.

I want to play on my iPhone using 3G. Will this use a lot of bandwidth?

The game is optimised for play on mobile devices and only a minimal amount of data is transmitted between your phone and our servers. All images are only loaded once, even for hours of play. Transmitted data is compressed by up to 93%.

Is there disconnection protection?

No. It is advised that players are responsible for their own connection stability. However, should disconnections occur from Switch Poker's side, then investigations will be started and reparations may be made.

I made a withdrawal but it hasn't arrived, where is my money?

When you initiate a withdrawal with Switch Poker we make our checks on the validity of the withdrawal. This may take up to 48 hours, but it is usually a lot less. Once this is complete the withdrawal will be sent to you and the transaction will show as Processed in your transactions list. If you withdrew with Skrill, then the money is then handed over to your Skrill account. Sometimes people forget that Skrill is involved and will expect the money to appear in their bank accounts direct from Switch Poker, so if the money is not where you expect it to be, check your Skrill account, from there you will be able to transfer to any other location you choose.

What is Skrill?

Skrill, previously known as Moneybookers, is a Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulated money transfer service, much like PayPal.

Why does my deposit take so long to appear on my Switch Poker account?

If you deposited with Skrill, then Skrill may be performing checks before processing the payment. This can take a couple of days in some cases. From time to time Skrill will decline to process the payment and it will not be sent to us. As soon as Skrill have passed the funds to us, they are immediately accessible on your account.

What devices can I play on?

Switch Poker has been tested on the following:

  • Android 1.6+
  • iPad (limited sounds)
  • iPhone 3G or higher
  • Firefox v3.6.8 or higher
  • Chrome v5.0 or higher
  • Safari v5.0 or higher
  • Opera v10.60 or higher
  • Internet Explorer v8 (No sound. Compatibility mode should be turned off.)
  • Internet Explorer 9

Common Issues

Things don't look right on my iPhone/iPod.

Please use iTunes to update your iPhone/iPod to the latest software version.

My connection is bad / I keep timing out.

Please ensure that your network is relatively free from other activity. The use of BitTorrent on your network while playing is likely to cause problems.

I keep getting a popup saying "The movie could not be played".

Turn off sounds by clicking the 'Sounds On' button to stop this happening.
Please report this problem if you experience it.


What is the rake structure?

Pots are not raked unless a flop is seen.

Level Max Amount
5c/10c & 10c/25c €2 1 cent in every 20 cent.
25c/50c & 50c/€1 NLH: €2.50 1 cent in every 20 cent.
€1/€2 to €5/€10 NLH €3 1 cent in every 20 cent.
€10/€20 NLH and above: €4 1 cent in every 20 cent.


What are the restrictions on withdrawals?

  • We may request documentation and proof of identity before approving withdrawals.
  • €50 is the minimum withdrawable amount
  • Withdrawls are manually approved, this process may take up to 48 hours.

Where do I go to make a withdrawal?

  • The withdrawals section is at the very bottom of the cashier page.

Bonus Codes

Are there any restrictions if I register using a bonus code?

If you have registered with a bonus code you will only be allowed to use your free bonus funds to play at 1c/2c tables. Although you are free to play with your bonus funds, you cannot withdraw them. You are free to withdraw your winnings once you meet the withdrawals criteria. Other bonus specific restrictions may apply.

I used a bonus code when registering but I want to play at higher stakes tables. How do I do this?

You need to deposit to play at higher stakes tables.

Home Screen Bookmarks

How can I add a link to the game on my iPhone or iPad homescreen?

Video not working? Download it here.

Switch Poker Points (SPPs)

What are SPPs.

These are points that you earn by playing at any of our real money tables.

What can I do to earn more SPPs?

SPPs are earned automatically. You do not have to do anything other than play at real money tables to earn them. If you want to maximize the amount you earn, you can play in lots of pots and play at a number of tables at once.

What can I do with my SPPs?

SPPs cannot be exchanged for cash. From time to time we run bonuses and SPPs are used to measure participation in these bonuses. Details of these are usually posted on our blog.

How are SPPs calculated?

You earn 100 SPP for each euro in rake paid.

Player to Player (P2P) Transfers

Can I send money to other players?

Please contact support if you would like P2P transfers enabled on your account.

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